Little Rascal Jelly Bellies Forest Run – iClone 6 & Indigo RT video render 2

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hi guys and gals,

as I mentioned in the last post, when my second video render test using iClone 6 and the Indigo RT plugin was all dusted off, I’d post it here for y’all to view.

So here it is below.

Featuring the Little Rascal and Jelly Belly characters that I created back in iClone 4 time, this short ditty is called Forest Run [the short title – full title above in post title, not that I’m trying to save on typing it out again].

It took just less than a week to complete from iClone output to final render, it has a few little snags that I could clear up one day, but for now I hope you can enjoy it as it is.

Project summary for those who asked.

Indigo Environment = Indigo sun & sky, link to key light, iClone lights unchecked in tick box

Frame size of export 640 x 360, set at 150 spp [size could be doubled in final render to 1280 x 720]

Total number of frames 808, 9-12 minutes render time each frame [depending on whether I was using computer for other tasks at same time].

Tone mapping replace to Indigo [checked], response function gold 200, E.V. adjust -5.8, film iso 100

Supersampling factor 5

The Export from iClone to Indigo was done without the ‘export [.igi] file’, just used the [.png] files to save space

Total size on hard drive 135 GB

Problems arising – [On the ‘run’ mid shot and ‘pan’ mid shot only] When setting D.O.F. in iClone, the focal depth/distance didn’t transfer over to Indigo as a match, if at all. Seemed like the F.D. was ‘lost in translation’.

Brightness particularly on the ‘panned mid tp close shot’ seemed darker despite having same settings as the rest of the project [tone mapping]. Perhaps an argument could be made that the camera is closer to the subject matter therefore letting less light in to lens. Intro sequence darker too.


Well, with the wedding anniversary, mother’s day and a trip to the Riverside stadium all happening in the next 3 days I’m going to sign off now and prepare for the weekend with some well deserved shut eye.

Hope you all have fun but stay safe, Jesus loves you.

Bye for now, DT



Pixie Chics And Horses

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello and welcome to the latest post at The Mellormedia Blog.

Quick reminder to self: wedding anniversary at the weekend, don’t forget this year.

Back to it.

Continuing with the current theme of utilising the Indigo plugin for rendering out iClone output, we have been importing old content from previous versions of iClone and giving them new life in iClone 6.

This post features content that was first seen way back in iClone 2, from The Fellowship Of The Ding project.

The 3 characters in question are collectively know as the Pixie Chics, originally modelled from photos of 3 ladies I used to call work colleagues. ‘Unflattering’ may have been one comment that was mentioned by the my former colleagues but hey, what did they expect from a fantasy project  based on dwarfs, goblins, pixies and the like.

Here are the comparison output pictures for your viewing.

Picture 1 it straight out of iClone:

Copy of PixieChic_iCLonee_render

[click on picture to expand in new window.]

Picture 2 is an Indigo render using iClone lighting:

Copy of PixieChic_iNDigo_iCLight

[click on picture to expand in new window.]

And picture 3 is an Indigo render with Indigo lighting:

Copy of PixieChic_iNDigo

[click on picture to expand in new window.]

I don’t think they’re that unflattering, you should see them without their makeup.

Well dinner is in the oven and another video render is close to completion which means I’ll be doing some editing and post work for the rest of the week.  I’ll hopefully feature the video in the next post.

I hope you’ve enjoy this and the previous posts featuring comparison image output from iClone 6 and Indigo. Although it can be time consuming at times I feel the end output is worth it.

Until next time, tat ta for now, DT


Old Content Making New Renders Via iClone 6 & Indigo

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello Cyber travellers and welcome to The Mellormedia Blog.

With half term been and gone I’ve managed to get some time to hide in ‘the cave’ and play with iClone 6 once more.

The latest batch of tests have focused on bringing some of my old content into iClone 6 and rendering via the Indigo renderer.

As some of the content wouldn’t load directly into iClone 6, I’ve had to see if it would load up into iClone 5 and save the content there and then try loading the newly saved content into iClone 6. This seemed to work. 3DXchange could also be used to update the older content but that notion came to me as an afterthought, ha ha.

The first content batch I had a test with was some old but familiar characters which first made an appearance in iClone 1. It had since been update in iClone 2 and 3 but I was unable to load it directly into iClone 6 so had to save in iClone 5 first.

Do you remember Ray, Yan and Ned Dwarf Warriors from the ‘Fellowship Of The Ding’ projects. Well here they are below, rendered in Indigo with iClone lighting:

Copy of Ding_Dwarfs_iclone Light [click to enlarge in new window]

There will be more ‘Fellowship project’ renders in the coming posts once the content is iClone 6 friendly.

A second batch of old content has also found it’s way into iClone 6 – The Jelly Bellies characters. Originally an iClone 4 project, these characters transferred into iClone 6 with little to no problems at all.

Copy of TOONS1 [click to enlarge in new window]

I think a new Jelly Bellies video rendered in Indigo may be on the cards in the not so distant future.

Well it’s been fun sharing the latest updates from the realms of the Mellormedia R&D lab …. that’s lab not lav.

Until next time, bye for now, DT


Indigo via iClone render test 3

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello once more and welcome to the Mellormedia blog.

Continuing our iClone 6 and Indigo render tests with a smaller project and less assets.

For this scene we have utilised the iClone default characters Mason & Heidi plus  props from a default iClone 3 project.

Feel like we’ve had a bit of success with render times and final output with this one.

Image1: iClone output [took a few seconds]

Copy of cars_iClone_render

[click to enlarge in new window]

Image 2: Indigo render with iClone lighting. [Left this one rendering for a day. lots of ‘white spots’ on mason’s clothing to sort]. I do like the look and feel of this image but the render time is just not a viable option to create a sequence with.

Copy of car_iCllight_indigo

[click to enlarge in new window]

Image 3: Indigo render with Indigo lighting. [Rendered for just under an hour due to taking break for lunch]

Copy of cars_indigo

[click to enlarge in new window]

As mentioned in the previous post, a test Indigo video render has been created from this scene. We chose 250 spp [samples per pixel] as our ‘sweet spot’ at 1080×720 size with 623 separate images to render. After a week of rendering and a little time slicing the audio to fit it in sync [even with both image sequence and audio exported from iClone at 25 fps there was syncing problem] the finished render is below. Hope you enjoy the little skit.

Well that’s this batch of testing over. We’ll think of another project to put iClone 6 to the test and report back soon. Until then, bye for now, DT


iClone and Indigo renders part 2

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello again cyber travellers and welcome.

In this post at The Mellormedia Blog we shall be continuing to explore the Indigo Plugin feature that comes with Reallusion’s iClone 6.

In the last post we featured the first rendered output from the software, so continuing the theme here comes the second one below.

For this scene we utilised the ‘Tribesman’ and ‘Beast’ characters that are from the iClone 5 3D Xchange resource pack, setting them in a ‘Scorching Desert’ scene which is obtained from the World Wilderness 3D scene templates.

For comparision we have rendered 3 images, 1 straight out of iClone, the 2nd via Indigo with iClone lighting and the 3rd via Indigo with Indigo lighting.

Image 1 – iClone output – rendered in a matter of seconds:

Copy of Indian_iClone_render

[click to enlarge in new window]

Image 2 – Indigo render with iClone lighting: Left this rendering for about a day… but I think it’s the best of the 3.

Copy of INDIAN_indigo_iClight

[click to enlarge in new window]

Image 3 – Indigo render with Indigo lighting, rendered for about an hour. I feel I need to understand the lighting better as I just couldn’t get the balance right between foreground and background lighting. This maybe due to the size of the 3d scene and/or the settings of the Indigo lighting. We will persevere.

Copy of indian_indigo

[click to enlarge in new window]

Well, that’s about it for now, hope you’ve enjoyed your read. In the next post we will be looking at the differences in render3. For this scene I’ll downsize a bit and possibly provide a short video to go with it too, until then, signing off, see ya!!!


New Year, new post, about time

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Howdy cyber world and welcome back to the Mellormedia blog.

“Where have you been?” I hear some say. “It’s been half a year since the last post, we thought you’d retired to a life of servitude and housework as a ‘stay at home dad’.”

Well… yes and no… The Mellormedia machine is up and running again and enjoying a little stint of iClone 6 exploration [in between the ironing, hoovering, cleaning and cooking duties].

Finally after upgrading my graphics card I can enjoy the bundle load of new features that Reallusion have added to the total redesign of iClone.

Tessellation. A big word that I had to look up the meaning to. Also the reason why my pair of SLI enabled Nvidia 9600 GSO graphics cards weren’t compatible with iClone 6. So, after purchasing a fairly cheap single ATI R7 240 4GB replacement, my display graciously lets me enter into the world of imaginative creativity and play we have come to know and love as iClonetime.

Now, were to start? What’s the same? What can I remember? Perhaps viewing a few of the ‘new features’ tutorials via Reallusion’s YouTube page may be in order.

The indigo plugin, hmmm, seems interesting, lets give it a whirl.

Utilising the new G6 characters [Mason & Heidi] and placing them into the courtyard / garden scene could be interesting.

Let’s compare the iClone render output to the indigo render.

I’m calling this one ‘She said no’.

 Scene exported from iClone [click to enlarge in new window]

Copy of Shesaidno_iClone_render

Scene exported via Indigo [with iClone lighting] [click to enlarge in new window]

Copy of shesaidno_indigo_iClight

As you can see there is some difference and there certainly was in render time too. The iClone render produced the picture in a matter of seconds, if that. The indigo render however took a number of hours. This, I think because of the lighting option chosen and size of the scene plus assets used. As you can see in the picture below, The Indigo renderer can use the iClone lighting or it’s own.

iClone to Indigo environment lighting and tone mapping options:

rendset rendset2

[click to enlarge in new window]

The lighting options are decided in iClone prior to export to Indigo but the tone map settings are mirrored in Indigo and can be adjusted whilst the render is happening. The tone map ‘response function’ gives a variety of options to choose different ‘camera film’ looks and feel whilst the EV adjust and film ISO can also be used to alter the difference in brightness.

In the next post here at the Mellormedia Blog, we shall see how my iClone 6 picture 2 render turns out after playing around with differing lighting options. Hope you have enjoyed your read, until next time, bye for now.


The day after Germany 7 Brazil 1

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Howdy folks and welcome!

Well what’s been happening since the last post at The MellorMedia Blog?

It’s been quite some time since the last post in May, some of you may even of thought we’d packed our bags and departed for pastures new, tempting but not that viable at the moment.

With the daily chores of running the house, helping the kids with their homework, dealing with the untimely departure of the family cat and then the World Cup coming around once more, development has been minimal in the R&D realms.

Who would ever of thought that Germany would thump Brazil for 7 in their own back yard? German efficiency Mein Herr!!

Back in the realms of iClonia we have managed to start on the ‘Demon Slayer’ project.

Journeying through the dimensions of the seen and unseen, we follow our hero and saviour of the universe as He fights the battles for the lost, freeing their souls from bondage and bringing order to the chaos that once ruled their minds and hearts.

Copy of 2

Video previews of the project in development will feature at Stay tuned and get saved, call Him 46626835.

Utilising the iClone / Unity pipeline, the project will hopefully be a multi medium production with video and game play versions for mobile, tab and TV.

Well back to it for now, until next time, stay safe.