Mellor Media BlogSpot – April 6th, 2007

iClone 2
Well, I managed to install Iclone 2 and have some time to let creative juices flow.

Prior to investigating the new features of the programme I utilised the ‘content copier’ (provided by Reallusion) which basically transfers iClone 1.5 content (defaults & custom) into the iClone 2 content folders.

The big mistake I made was uninstalling iclone 1.5 prior to install verion2, both versions have to be installed in order for the content copier to work… I ended up having to install 1.5 again also. Take note.

Anyway, I thought it would also be a good time to back up onto dvd all of last years iClone related files, content from RL, freebies from CoolClones and of course all the MellorWear clothing packs.

Checking out the new g2 templates, it was decided that one of the first g2 texture packs created would be – ‘The 2nd Lilac Collection Clothing for G2 avatars’….watch this space.

Todays pic is a little ad for ‘Audrey’s Wardrobe Collection’ – clothing for female iclone avatars.
Watch ‘The Audrey Interviews’ at the main mellormedia site (stream provided by google video, here at youtube or a better quality stream here at Divx’s Stage 6 , enjoy.



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