Mellor Media Blogspot – April 07th 2007

Hello folks

Todays article has been penned by iclone fashion guru SHYGIRL, a colleague of mine from the CoolCreators team.
(1st published on the Mellor blogspot at yahoo 360′.)

Passion for Fashion
Ever since I was a little girl I have loved everything to do with clothes, styles and fashion.
As an enthusiastic 9 year old, I remember watching an edition of ‘Blue Peter’ where they showed how to make tights for your Doll from a pair of your ‘old’ socks. Even then I liked everything to be colour-coordinated and set about using one of each of my coloured socks to ensure my favourite Doll was the height of fashion. She had different coloured ‘tights’ to match every outfit. Needless to say my Mother was less than pleased to discover a drawer full of odd socks. And I certainly didn’t help matters by telling her that “Pippi Longstocking’ wears different coloured socks on each foot all the time”
By the time I reached my teens it was apparent that I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler. This didn’t however dampen my enthusiasm for styles and trends. I would cut out skirts, tops and dresses from fashion magazines and add them to cardboard ‘cut out dolls’ to develop my own line in fashion. Of course this put me in the bad books yet again, for I usually cut up the magazines before anyone else had a chance to even look at them.
After purchasing my first PC, several years ago now, I once again returned to creating fashions, this time on some of the many ‘Doll’ sites to be found on the Internet. Candy, Unique, Preps, I made clothing for them all. I even won a few competitions for my designs and also opened a ‘Doll Shop’ on one of these sites selling pre-mades as well as making to order under the username of Lillith. Doll sites are a very popular pasttime for people of all ages and host male as well as female ’designers’
Just over a year ago I found iclone by Reallusion. After having been an ‘It’s Me’ user, iclone was a dream come true. It gave me most of what I needed to vent my creativity. The recent upgrade to V2 is hopefully going to add to that even more.
Fortunately my long suffering partner Tom is an iclone user too and he encourages me in me in my iclone creations. However, I do think he has ulterior motives, for I’m fairly sure he thinks that if I spend my time creating clothing for iclone……that I am less likely to spend time reorganising his wardrobe to ensure that his socks, trousers and shirts are perfectly toned and coordinated. …..but I’m sure I can find time to do both.
Many thanks for your contribution Shy’, I’m looking forward to your iClone G2 wardrobe releases.

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