Mellor Media Blogspot – 08th April 2007

Good evening folks,
well, it’s been a week and a day since I purchased the above means of transport and I’ve only scratched it twice!!!
I didn’t get a ride on it today though, I’ve spent a good many hour installing/uninstalling the vista operating system from Microsoft. Boy I think I need an operation on me ‘ead, why oh why did I both to upgrade from a pretty stable XP media centre to a …operating system cannot load due to a missing driver, you’d think Bill Gates could afford a chauffeur or two but no….
So, not much iCloning at all today, the last piece I was working on before vista thought it’d take away the hours of the day involved a piece of ‘visuul evidence’ for the media group at Spotlight….Dan, Dan, Tom & Stefan, hello chaps, yer video will be made by the end of the Easter hols.
Finally, how could I write a blog on today of all days without saying “Happy Easter, Jesus Lives!”.
Back to more iClone stuff in the next post
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