Mellor Media BlogSpot – April 11th 2007

Hello and good evening,

Vista and iClone….they just don’t match.

Apparently Reallusion are to release a free ‘vista patch’ sometime in June (2007).

Decisions, decisions….roll back Vista to Xp MCE or continue with Vista at the expense of iClone???

Vista is a NICE upgrade from XP with some cool new features.

All new PC’s bought from Jan 30th this year (my birthday and also Microsoft’s ‘official’ release date for vista) have Vista installed as the operating system, Mircosoft also kindly released ‘RC ‘ versions of Vista and supplied ‘software development’ companies the necessary data required so ‘software’ could be updated to run on vista……

I think RL have missed out on a great oppurtunity with the release of iClone 2 by NOT having it ‘vista ready’, it would have been a great sales pitch for their product, not only having a iClone v1 – iClone V2 ‘content converter’ but also a ‘cross platform’ application.

Well, at least Poser 7 seems to be working fine….

Looks like I’ll be iCloning on my laptop until June.

Todays image is a promotional picture for ‘The Lilac Collection – Clothing for Female iClone Avatars’.

The Lilac Collection was an ‘early, getting to grips with texturing’ bundle put together using iClone 1.0 and can be downloaded free from here.

I’m not sure if I posted the link on the blog before or not, but there it is.

Expect more MellorWear clothing packs to be featured as downloads from this blog AND in the Reallusion store. MellorWear products on sale in the CoolCreators shop front is ‘still pending’.



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