Mellor Media Blogspot – April 20th 2007

Hello all, it’s good to be back.
Took some time out to focus on ‘work’, that thing we all do in between sleeping & using iClone.
Well, if you haven’t noticed already, the CoolCones forum has had a face lift and manicure, it sure looks mighty fine.
Reallusion have also been ‘developing’ their utility range to compliment iClone. If you’ve not read the info or signed up already then visit here.
Now, a time of confession:
Regarding G4 media group video, I didn’t get the 2nd video finished as planned, call it ‘my Vista’ experience, which has now been diagnosed as ‘dodgy RAM’.
It will be done over this weekend.
Regarding today’s picture, it features ‘Brett Bored’, ……….what a guy!
The ‘Army’ style clothing pack is currently available in the Reallusion store, link here if ‘it tickles ya fancy’.
Until next time,
DT signing off

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