Mellor Media Blogspot – 2nd May 2007

Hello and good evening (GMT) from me and a warm welcome from him, Tony Small that is.

Tony, a work colleague of mine from The Spotlight Studio kindly offered his time, talent and tolerance by assisting in the development of the first ‘Mellor Media Productions’ custom content for iClone – Face Pack 1
featured in today’s picture above (including the head of the ‘Brett Bored’ character).

The content was quickly accepted by Reallusion’s CCD programme and can now be purchased from the Reallusion store for a generously low and economical price of $7.95 (that’s less than 4 quid!!!).

Many thanks Tony.

More face packs quickly followed and are also available in the RL store, here and here.

Meanwhile….back at the ranch….Tony & I have been busy assessing our student’s portfolios prior to ‘the final moderation’ date that is slowly creeping forward…..just like the release date for further content packs by MellorMedia….

Funny day today, must be something in the air…..possibly the gas that one of our students decided to let escape from it’s storage location…..
I’ll try to be more iClone focussed in the next post….possibly!



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