Mellor Media Blogspot – May 10th 2007

Hello and welcome to the blog spot of Mellor Media Productions .

Meet Slick Dick. He’s rather sharp and cunningly villainous.

Richard Speed, as he is known by his alter ego, has just moved his family into Ralphie’s (Racketman’s) neighbourhood. Coincidentally, a rise in criminal activity has also left the local law enforcement with egg on their face.

Can Racketman bring back the law, order and tranquility?

for more information visit the official home of Racketman at

Other iClone news.

Reallusion have released ‘Clone Cloth’, I won’t comment at this point until I’ve had time to give it a good bash, to coin a phrase.

Also, the April edition of Reallusion’s newsletter ‘Reality Check’ has been released, worth a read and signing up to, plus news is that more Mellor Wear iClone textures packs have been put on sale in the Reallusion Store, cheers chaps, with a column in the next release of the newsletter, man things are a happening.

More news on a positive front

My good buddy Paul Louis has opened the doors to his iClone content store, well worth a visit people (link here).

The CoolclonesCoolCreators‘ are close if not already releasing more ‘themed’ content, another worthy bookmark to make.

Lastly, I’m off ……..bye


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