Mellor Media Blogspot – May 14th 2007

Hello, are you lost again and have ended up here?

Did you press the wrong link button?

Fear not, you are save here, we have 3 brave Dwarf Warriors to fend off all unwanted attention.

Todays picture is taken from ‘The Fellowship Of The Ding’, and features characters

Yan McDwarf,

Ray Merrysod


Ned Nodnot….

3 of ‘The Dings’ inner circle.

The ‘actors’ who supplied the images for the characters were all good friends of mine….until they saw what exactly I required their photos for!

Other matters.

Big respect and a Blue Peter badge goes out to ‘Jason Lin’ of Reallusion who supplied the information and replied to the last post on this blog. Thanks Jason. (who can be contacted via the Reallusion forum support team)”.

The VAP G4 media group enter there final 2 weeks of the course, good luck lads, wash behind your ears now!



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