Mellor Media Blogspot – May 18th 2007

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Hello there,

since yesterday’s post featured an ad for the Brett Pack Bundle, it only seemed right to give Audrey a slot for her line of Mellor Wear Texture packs, anything to keep the peace.

Other Mellor Wear G1 Texture packs can be viewed in the Reallusion store.

Thanks to those who have helped over the past year regarding the Spotlight Training & Media Ltd ‘Media course’ development.

Other news

Congratulations to all the G4 VAP students who attended Spotlight and gave their final interview on camera today, proud of you all, good luck in life.

Good luck to the Coolclones CoolCreator team and their latest venture.

and finally, Jason Mathis, Tony Small, Paul Louis Muller & Reallusion – Audrey owes you all an interview.

signing off DT


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