Mellor Media Blogspot – 20th May 2007

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Evening all,

Having the Mellor Wear G1 texture packs released by Reallusion in their store has helped bring a successful climax to the G1 projects….now roll on G2.

iClone certainly has come a long way on it’s short journey; remember when ‘Ctrl+F7’ was a startling find, when Coolclones released their first Friday Freebies, when the RL developer project and 3DMax were the only tools available to create your own content for iClone?

Who could have imagined where iClone would be now? 3DXchange to help develop content, Clone Cloth to help design your own textures and The CoolClones CoolCreators to supply that extra bit of content you may have been looking for.

If that isn’t enough to keep you happily cloning, there’s always the Mellor Wear G1 bundle to compliment any iClone production. (featured in todays picture).

Who could have imagined?……Reallusion, blurring the line between reality & illusion.



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