Mellor Media BlogSpot – 24th May 2007

Click on pic for video
Evening people.

Thought I’d share a bit of news on the film making front this evening.

Work has started (all be it on my laptop) on the fourth Ding promo.

The scene features the Ding character confronting 2 Goblin soldiers near to the dungeon where ‘Dong‘, (the ‘Ding’s’ brother), is been held ‘captive’.

for those who would wonder –
Mostly Rendered at 256×256 texture, PAL, 720×404, 25fps, ‘light03’ (modified – 1 on, 2,3,4 off, ambient 20, still.) Scene, accessories, motions – part of the ‘Dungeon Quest’ pack by Reallusion.

Click on the above picture to view the ‘teaser’ at Youtube, click here to view it as a ‘windows media stream’ or a DivX version at Stage 6 can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, Mellor Media Productions US affiliate JNW. Productions have just released a teaser of the next project to role out of their studios. You can view a sneak preview by clicking here.

enjoy this evenings presentations,



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