Mellor Media BlogSpot – 26th May 2007

click pic for larger view

Hello people, thought I’d continue todays entry with another plug for The Fellowship project.

Above we have a picture of Willy (the Goblin emperor) with his mum (Evillyn Heartless character) and Humphrey, Captain of The Goblin Guard.

After working on all this fantasy stuff for a short while, I feel the need to get back to reality and mention a few things that have been happening lately.

Spotlight Mini farm
New arrivals ‘down on the farm’.
One of the ‘Berkshire sows’ has had piglets, nice….
Plans for the new Mellor store are under development, present Mellor designs available at Reallusion currently shown.

CoolCreators News.
After the Mellor Media article was released in Reallusion’s ‘developers spotlight’ (D.J.Thompson section), a request has been made for me to be known as ‘Mad Mellor’, – granted!

signing off to go & fry some bacon, here piggie piggies.



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