Mellor Media BlogSpot – 27th May 2007

click on pic to play video stream

Hello ‘Mellor’ viewers.
As you may tell from today’s picture, there’s still a ‘Ding’ theme in the Mellor Media
production pipelines.

A second scene from the 4th Ding promo has been drafted, featuring the 3 Goblin characters posted in yesterday’s aricle pic.

If you click on the above pic a ‘windows media video stream’ will hopefully load into your pc, otherwise a version at DivX Stage 6 can be viewed here.

I did send versions to both ‘Youtube‘ & ‘Google Video’ but upon playback the audio was rather ‘out of sync’ (even for a cartoon) and have since removed them

One more teaser me thinks before the ‘epic’ 4th promo is released.

Other matters.

Have any of you guys checked out the ‘Spotlight Minifarm’ blog yet?
I was curious as to where the inspiration for their layout and colour scheme came from.

signing off,



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