Mellor Media Blogspot – 4th June 2007

Hello and welcome to the Mellor Media blog spot.

Today’s picture (and free download) features a character called ‘LENARD’,
click on pic to download PROJECT file.

Lenard was created initially to be used as a newsreader/reporter character for ‘The Spotlight News Team’ animation series but as that project has yet to come to fruition, he is know available for your use.

Other News

Congratulations to my Spotlight co-worker Tony Small who was informed earlier today of a contract renewal.

Tony, who joined Spotlight over a year ago on a Guvvy ‘work placement scheme’ makes a good cuppa and doesn’t mind nipping to the shops for more milk & sugar, good lad.

He also helped create the Mellor Media Face Pack content that is on sale in the Reallusion store.

Other Spotlight VAP news

With half term over, our year 11 group are making final preparations to join the big, wide world, year 10’s are now finishing off their 1st years assignments and a new cohort of year 9’s will shortly participate in a 2 week induction to the programme, oh joy!



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