Mellor Media Blogspot – 11th June 2007

Good evening folks and welcome to this post here at the Mellor Media blogspot.
Today’s picture is the logo of ‘ARC’ and this article is to give a little more publicity to the cause.
You can find out a whole lot more by clicking on the picture or following this link here.
To ‘sum up’ ARC – it’s a charity dedicated to finding a cure for arthritis.
I was involved over the weekend in a fund raising event hosted on the grounds of Guisborough Hall
(spelt ‘Gisborough’ for those old enough to remember ‘the old language’.)
More info about this can be found here.
Other News.
This may be old news for some but for those who don’t know, Reallusion
have released their iClone accompanying programme 3DXchange,
it’s great…add it to your tools box and you’ll be constructing all sorts in minutes.
click on pic for more info

and finally,
Thanks go out to ‘Professor Cricky’ from the Coolclones Coolcreator team – for his time, effort and
talent embodied in my portrait he was commissioned to produce.

The resemblance is very uncanny, I’m almost looking in a mirror!!!

Thanks Prof.

Signing off, DT.


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