Mellor Media Blogspot – 13th June 2007

Good evening and welcome to all you iClone enthusiasts in cyberspace.
Tonight’s post is dedicated to promoting the work of another Mellor Media associate – Paul Louis Mulleractor, puppeteer and iClone content designer.
Pauly’s latest work is what I can only describe as a ‘stylish comedy”, laughs from beginning to end., one of those videos that will, through the course of time (and much viewing) earn it’s place amongst The iClone Classics Collection.
It’s the second release from the “Biffle & Shooster” series – ‘Renting & Raving’.
to view, click on pic

(picture by Paul Louis)

You can still view the first, hilarious ‘Biffle & Shooster’ episode ‘The Case Of The Missing Plot’ by clicking here.
Good luck to Pauly & Nick Santa Maria with the future episodes.

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