Mellor Media Blogspot Live – post 2

Hello again and welcome to the 2nd post here at the MellorMedia Blogspot Live.
My videos in the MSN ‘soapbox’ are still all ‘copyright infringement’ so I can’t link any in here again.
I hope they get this little mess of ‘who owns my videos’ sorted but until then I’ll try and ’embed’ a few from somewhere else.
This first clip is the intro sequence to ‘The Audrey Interviews’.

The full feature can be found here.


Clip number 2 is a teaser/taster from the Fourth coming ‘Fellowship Of The Ding’ promotional video. I hope I own the copyright to that one when I’ve finished writing & producing it. Anyway, clip number 2

Ah, I like that one.

Finally, the 3rd and last clip for this evening

Hope you enjoy the clips and who knows, someday ‘SoapBox’ may air a few.

Signing off, DT.


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