Mellor Media Blogspot Live – post 3

Good evening all you folk who put up with me grammar.
I don’t wanna sound like a broken record so all I’ll report is that there is no change regarding the Mellor videos at MSN ‘SoapBox’.
So tonight I thought I’d fly the flag for a few associates.
1st up.
2nd up.
3rd up.
The cast of the Fourth coming Ding 4 promo
iCloners – ‘mrjym‘, ‘pauly‘ and aknzrdude ( video links to some of their works are found in the right hand side column of this blog).
non icloners
Jonathan Thompson – Dwarf Warrior
Kevin Bowes – Dwarf Warrior
Ged Kirby – Dwarf Warrior
Tony Small – Emmissary
Mark Thompson – Goblin
Alex Gerrard – Goblin
Bouchra Mathis – eye candy guest
plus a few others……is it you?

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