Mellor Media Blogspot – 23th June 2007

Hello Mellor viewers, thank you for tuning in.

Wow, a morning post after I’ve had some sleep rather than posting in the early hours – so the spelting should be ok.
Yes, that was deliberate, the rest if you find any aren’t.

With the end of June slowly drawing upon us it can only mean 1 thing –

I know a lot of the ‘iClone’ community have stuck with XP and enjoyed the new features of iClone 2, 3DXchange and the various content releases whilst our ‘vista‘ kin have been twiddling their thumbs, salivating at the thought of a vista compatible iClone. May your time of waiting shortly be over.

Talking of new content releases, Reallusion have added a few more offerings to boost your prop and accessory collections.

1. Furniture Pack – a nice selection of props.


2.Fashion Gear – volume 1 –
Accessories to compliment iClone avatars

Also available in the props section

a nice collection by Wolf – flying the flag for coolclones.

I might actually have some breakfast,

bye for now.


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