Mellor Media Blogspot – 27th June 2007

Evening all,
had a few off days lately, with the weather, it’s been a bit wet and our house decided to get flooded, with the help of the blocked drains which could have, if been in a working order, spoilt our mini adventure. Thankfully, the rain was heavy enough to outwit the drain and the water sports begun.

First up was ‘Barricade the door using the 2 year old’s quilt (his spare one….that his sister likes),
swiftly followed by a round of….
check the windows, find the one that doesn’t leak and be thankful….one of my favourites…..
The 3rd of our quick, succession water sports event was the famous
Locate the leaks in the loft… and laugh… then using only 2 buckets and a tea towel….deal with it.
I left that one to my accountant friend Andrew, cheers bud. Why were you in my loft?
That’s 21 century living under Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, thanks people in Town Hall, well worth every penny of my hard earned dosh I donate to your various fundraising departments.
We even made page 3 of the local newspaper, well, the ‘pond’ that had formed in front of the house anyway.
dare I end the post with no mention of iClone……and free content…..? Best show the picture first.
Donated by ‘mrjym’ of JNW.Productions
Click on pic to download ‘PROJECT’ file (iClone 2.0)

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