Mellor Media Blogspot Live – post 6

Hello readers,
thought I’d post an update regarding the ‘MellorMedia ‘ videos at MSN’s soapbox.
in the beginning, all 9 video clips upload to soapbox were labelled ‘copyright violation’.
Initally, for every e-mail I sent they ‘cleared’ 1 video. After 3 e-mails I asked if they could all be done at once.
After 4-5-? e-mails to soapbox ‘help’
:-{ level 1. a machine generated response templated copy of the help page with no new or helpful info.
Level 2. A computer pretending to be human, explaining the same information as the help page and not even mentioning any aspect of the issues in the ‘fiil in help sheet’.
Level 3. Possibly a human. They haven’t got back }-:
6 of 9 are clear. Each video also seemed to start with a rating of 2 stars….prior to any views….hmmmmmm????
Still, It’s only in beta stage….like the staff.

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