Mellor Media Blogspot – 09th July 2007

Evening Ma,
I guess with all the people I’ve been upsetting lately you’re the only one reading this.
Never told me you had computer access, last time I was at your’s you asked me how to use the remote for the stairlift, in your bungalow. The thing you saw was a television, the lady in the lift was from Last of the Summer Wine…it was an advert….she was an actress.
Meanwhile….over at the Reallusion store.
New G2 Clone Clone texture packs have been released to compliment any G2 wardrobe, take a looook here.

G2 Lilac & Green development.
The 3 ‘Green’ packs have been submitted to the RL CCD awaiting approval.
View pictures here.
Not sure if I’ve shared the next vid before or not. it’s an iClone video by ‘somethingstupid’ – has a ‘monty python’ feel about it.

Signing off.



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