Mellor Media Blogspot – 25th July 2007

Hello and good evening to anyone browsing this page.

Here at Mellor Media we are just getting back into the swing of things after taking our summer holidays. Typical ‘English’ holiday with rain and all but I did get to see some wild life in it’s natural environment so it was a pretty good time away.

Meanwhile….back at the ranch – The next ‘G2 texture pack’ under development is to cater for the female – Jane ‘casual’ avatar.

(Just as the Lilac & green collection, featured in the 2 posts before this )

It’s working title at the mo is Jane’s Alternative Wardrobe, with the first set featured below.

Other News

On the way from Reallusion – keep an eye or 2 on the latest ‘content’ development soon to be

released by the RL team – The ‘Fantasy 2′ pack’

Gonna sign off for now and ‘ave a brew’.


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