Mellor Media Blogspot – 07th August 2007

Hello folks and thanks for calling here again.

I can inform you that after the ‘G2 texture development’ period ended, all focus has been on ‘promotional material & merchandise’ for several of the characters due to appear in the 4th ‘Fellowship Of The Ding’ feature.

So, over the next few posts we are going to display a promotional ‘billboard’ style poster for a few of the ‘cast’.

Starting off, we have a ‘Dwarf Warrior’ character – RAY’, in a scene entitled

‘A Call To Arms’.

(Created using iClone 2)

Clicking on the picture will hopefully take you to the official FOTD Dwarf Warrior RAY storefront (if you have the time to check it out and buy a cheap badge.)
Further information can be found at the Mellor Media homepage.

Signing off for now as I have to get my sleep pattern back in order.

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