Mellor Media Blogspot live – post 7


Hello and good evening to the 7th Mellor Media post here at MSN live spaces.

Just to get it of my chest and mention that the Mellor Media videos that were uploaded to MSN ‘soapbox‘ have still to be cleared of ‘copyright infringement’.

Not too happy with that service or it’s support system. THUMBS DOWN to soapbox from the Mellor camp.

Better news.

Work on promoting the latest installment of ‘The Fellowship’ has been in full flow over the past few weeks (after the short vacation and G2 texturing) and 3 of the latest ‘Dwarf Warrior’ promotional posters are below for your viewing. Each of the characters below now have their own ‘storefronts’ where you can buy a cheap badge or something that tickles your fancy.

1st up of the 3 featured Dwarf Warriors is ‘NED‘, in a scene entitled –

"Would you like to swing on a star".

Next we have ‘RAY‘ featuring with the slogan –

‘A Call To Arms’

Following on, here’s ‘YAN‘ with

‘Mission Improbable’.

To round things off this evening, here is the latest ‘clip’ been worked on for the DING4

Enjoy this evenings ‘presentation’ (even if you’ve seen it before).

Back soon,



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