Mellor Media Blogspot Live – 10th September 2007


Hello, good evening and welcome to this latest entry at The Mellor Media blog which will be to promote the latest G2 designs.

Audrey Winner has made the transition from iClone G1 character to IClone G2, plus she has a few friends for company (Emma, Diane & Jacquie) who go by the name of ‘The Rock Chics’.

Promotional merchandise for each character can be viewed by  clicking on a picture which should open up the associated storefront.



The G2 Lilac Collection has also been updated. Photos can be viewed in the ‘G2 content development gallery’ .

Brett Bored will also be making an appearance in G2 format in the next G2 texture packs.

‘The Fellowship Of The Ding’ 4th promotional video has been rescheduled for early 2008 release.

 Other developments.


Over at The Spotlight Studio,

 ‘The Bunkhouse’ project has been developing with the aid of several English ‘Country & Western’ acts recording a few pieces for the complication DVD.

A few galleries follow.

Artists in the studio

Chilling in the green room

Spotlight Studio crew



MellorMedia are to relocate (back to TS10 for Darren after several years at the TS14 address), so we’ll be signing off until the start of 2008(ish).

Thanks to all who have helped make Mellor Media what it is and to you guys for reading. Enjoy this evenings presentations.

Until next time,

Good night, God bless.



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