Mellor Media Blog Spot Live – 12 November 2007



Hello and welcome to the MellorMedia blog at Live Spaces.

With Christmas fast approaching and me been a parent; I recently had a panic attack when I realized that I needed to raise more funds to give my family & I the life of contentment that in reality…well…they probably don’t need.

I’m still hoping Santa brings me a fully licensed version of Windows Vista Ultimate but at the present price over here in the UK I’m more likely to witness the second coming of Christ!

So, on with the show.

The Mellor Work station is still packed away awaiting the relocation so the creativity has been limited to the laptop.

A few ‘seasonal’ designs have been created for a range of festive merchandise with the hope that any sales will generate enough cash for me to hire a good lawyer when the complaints start coming in.

Mellor’s Christmas Store.


Other stuff



bye for now

Mad_Mellor 2007.




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