Mellor TV Blog 12th post



Hello and welcome to the 12th post here at The Mellor TV blog.

Alot has happened since the last (easter) post, some of which I will share information about here today.

iClone News

A current happening over at the Reallusion forum is a contest to ‘Film The World’ with iClone, utilising iClone 3DXChange and google sketch up models.  

The lastest version of iClone 3DXchange gives the user the capability of importing models from the ‘Google Sketch Up’ warehouse and utilising them in their iClone movie. This is a great fuction that gives countless possibilities to the end user for creating / developing their scenes.

Please enjoy a few of the enteries below based on the corrsponding location:






Now to mention the Reallusion products in Education roadshow.


Yours truly had the pleasure of accompanying members of the Reallusion team on their ‘Educational Roadshow’, visiting educational institutions in Kuala Lumpar and Singapore, promoting the use of Reallusion products in the classroom.

 Highlighting various media examples that have been produced by my students in the UK hopefully gave a good insight into how Reallusion products had been utilised as a teaching & learning aid.

An example used featuring VAP group 4  

 (more student footage can be found here)  

(Many new friends and acquaintances were made during the trip so I’ll give mention of them and their related business or educational details at a later time).

A visit and tour of the RL offices at Taipei was also penned in where I got to meet and share ideas with members of the RL development team and I also had a sneek peek & demo of iClone 3. 

The staff there were a real nice bunch, very friendly, hospitable and have a real passion for what they are trying to achieve.

iClone 3 is real advancement to the existing programme and I wish Reallusion the best of luck with the release of the programme, possibly June / July time I think.  

That’s it for todays post, if you have any questions or comments about the above then please feel free to contact us.

I’m off to practice my Madarin





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