Mellor TV blog – post 13


Good evening Mellor TV viewers around the world!

This evenings post is to inform you about a recent ‘Fellowship’ production and also to have a general chin wag. So, on with the show.

Production continued on ‘The Fellowship ‘ project, with an ‘atmospheric’ scene created to depict the lonesome journey of the Blue Gelflin, following his departure from the Elohim village. 


Now for the chinwag.

Following on from a previous post concerning the Reallusion Software in Education roadshow – a few pictures to give you a glimpse of what really went on.


Press breakfast in Malaysia at the Eastin Hotel

a room with a view – from The Golden Landmark Hotel, Singapore


More pictures from the road show can be viewed here.


Well, that lovely snap of me sampling the local seafood grub in Singapore brings this evenings post to a close.


I’m gonna do a bit of gardening (yeah yeah I know… get real) over the next few weeks but will hopefully get chance to keep you all updated on any further project developments that may surface from the Spotlight Studio edit room floor.


Signing off for now, stay tooned.



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