Easter Post @ Mellor TV

Hello All and a Happy Easter to you.

Have we got a bit of a chocolate theme in this issue but first….



What a theme by Reallusion to choose for their latest machinima contest.

With the evolution of both the iClone programme AND content; more and more film makers are turning to the software as a reliable tool to help depict their vision and concept into a visual reality. Well done RL. More about the latest theme vis the widget below

Please enjoy below, the MellorMedia entry – Withdrawal From Kitty Harbour

iClone War & Peace – Withdrawal From Kitty Harbour from Mellor Media on Vimeo.


More creative output from the MellorMedia production lines.

About chocolate, which I mentioned earlier;

with thanks to Apparitions, creator of SKIRT MAGIC
(from the C4G3 range – the original dual mesh, clothing design templates for G3 iClone avatars)

MellorMedia are proud to present – ‘The Cocca Collection’.

and please enjoy the short promotional video below.

Cocca from Mellor Media on Vimeo.


The G3 Avatar Series now has 3 mini episodes….and there’s nearly a script forming.

You can catch up here of any updates to the project.



Finally….The Fellowship project……..now has voice actors……stay tuned…..

Hope you all have a creatively splendid Easter,

enjoy the chocolate and side story.

signing off for now,




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