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Evening all and welcome to Mellor TV.

Having past the midway stage of September, the working environment has welcomed a new cohort of learners on to the [as was VAP but now Spotlight] course. Here at the studio, there’s a great scenario this season where the new ‘media & ict’ tuition is to be moulded around the Edexcel D.I.D.A. Hopefully we can raise funds or strike a deal of some kind with RL for an education license agreement and solely utilise their products for the duration of the course…….hmmmm just thinking out aloud in a mad Mellor style….

Also….possibly more striking news than my intro chapter………The Spotlight boys are back at college….well Teesside Uni to be a bit more honest.

As part of the ‘Digital Champions’ programme, both Kevin & Darren can experience ‘that student feeling’ once more, let’s hope it lasts.

Due to the present theme of the ‘media development’ not much at all can be reported about iClone productions to date…..I’ll hopefully resume again once the ‘study period’ is over, thanks all who’ve helped and all patiently waiting for scripts, (no hate mail please, I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time).

If you have time please check out some of our other ‘current projects’ in development.

Gotta dash, bye for now, DT


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