Month 2, 2010, post a – The Snow Returns

Hello cyber world citizens and welcome to the Mellor TV blog.

2010 month 1 has been and gone, me & the wife have added another candle to the birthday cakes plus the snow is back, marvellous.

Latest iClone output from MellorMedia:

2010 started with the Enchantment Pond video, produced as a promotional for the Animal World Volume 1 prop pack by Reallusion – 

A few stills were also produced from this project which can be viewed at the following link:


Another ‘short’ animation was also produced in month 1, this time as a competition piece for The 11 Second Club monthly contest.

Featuring characters from ‘The Fellowship Project’ and also utilising some of the great props from the ‘Animal World’ collection, the 3rd draft of ‘FOTD – an extract’ was the submission entry. 

Good luck to all who enter.



We’ve set a few stores up to promote some of the latest works in order to help with the financial deficit, the stock will be updated when I have the chance, enjoy.

Enchantment Pond:

The Gathering:

Fly By Night:

Thanks again, and for now, farewell, DT


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