2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Well I never,

after all that white stuff Winter had to offer, Spring has sprung and I find myself NOT wearing a coat to work on the mornings.

The spring feeling was at such a peak today that I endured some manual labour and dug a trench at the side of my decking – preparation for the ‘new path’, I kept on falling off the old one

–  but enough of my joyous spring surprises to myself, let’s see what’s been happening in the iClone realm of cyberspace that creates this Real-lusion we call ‘ Just a minute, I’m busy……

Have you heard of the G-Evolver? I hadn’t till this week (shows my lack of forum crawling the past few weeks), it’s an app to create avatars on-line then download to iClone – for a price….. check out more here:-

 iClone Avatar Builder


Other News – of a sad nature.

It is with disappointment, sadness and artistic frustration that I have to inform you that YOUTUBE have followed suit with REVVER and ‘removed’ part 2 of The G3 Avatar Auditions, due to a Violation of Community Guidelines, on the grounds of ‘Nudity’. Avatar nudity. What more can be said, I mean, YOUTUBE does have the best reputation for the most ‘decent’ of broadcast materials & alike………….

For those of you who are wondering, here’s a ‘screen shot’ of ‘the section in question.


Thankfully you can still view the clip here at Mellor TV, via the G3 Avatar playlist



Development & Production

After working on the short promotional for BTEC FIRST IN CONSTRUCTION, development is now focusing on the second MellorMedia Production featuring the characters  PINHEAD & MELLOR plus, hopefully, a few more characters acted by fellow members of the iClone community….


Until next time, it’s good night from him, bye for now, DT.



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