Post Election blog @ Mellor TV

Hello cyberfolk around the globe, thanks for dropping by.

Since our [The VCUP’s] narrow defeat in the bygone election [we got no seats by the way, thanks for your vote, not]; we are still awaiting the call from Washington D.C. but it seems with all this modern technology we have at our disposal [and we take it as do our counterparts across the pond], Walter and I won’t be playing golf this weekend.

So….I had a little time on my hands to get back into the MellorMation mode.

Reallusion have upgraded iClone 4 to include anaglyph output which is real fun to play with. Enjoy the tester videos below.

1st of all there’s me ‘Spoof iClone ad’, created for ‘The Wolf and Dulci’ iClone ad competition.

and the 2ndly, a taste of Egypt.
Desert Boxing StickMen & The Dancing Arabian Stallion
Another milestone in Mellor machinima making has been the acquirement and utilisation of Moviestorm.
Please enjoy the 1st Mellor Moviestorm Machinima minute [as in very small not 60 seconds]
Well, I smell and could do with a bath….so I’m going to take that opportunity now.
Enjoy your machinima making, until next time, stay cloned!


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