Misson Machinima – The Massforce project.


Hello and good evening viewers around cyberspace. Welcome and thank you for your presence.

There’s been alot going on lately at the Spotlight Studio [plus the ‘out of office’ office], with students and staff saying their goodbye’s, prospective clients visiting for negotiations plus the ongong projects we have committed ourselves to fulfil.

The main promotion and title of the post this evening is to inform you guys about the ‘Massforce Unity’ project.

This ‘collaboration project’ between ‘Massforce Records’ and a number of ‘talented visual artists’ from around the machinima realms, involves  promoting the Massforce album ‘Unity’ by providing a ‘visual representation’ for each of the tracks.

Hopefully, each of the ‘visual contributors’ will post their works at youtube and make a ‘playlist’ featuring all the videos produced to promote the album.

With a few ‘very well known’ machinima producers close to finishing their works, it’s time to get the ball rolling by offering you the viewers to access the works created so far and those which are to come.

The player below is of the full playlist hosted at the ‘#MellorMedia’ Youtube channel, but hopefully when this project is in full swing, there will be a ‘playlist viewer’ embedded at each of the ‘visual contributor’s’ blog or homepage [just for the duration of the promotion anyway.

So, stop typing Mad Mellor Man and embed the player….. Good luck to all involved, DT.


Playlist URL



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