Xtranormal You Tube Converse – Movie Maker test 01

Hello citizens  from all corners of the cyber realms – welcome to the latest post at The Mellor TV Blog.
News, updates and more awaits for your viewing pleasure.
YouTube have recently added a few ‘freebie’ movie making applications to the variety of extras that they’ve lavished upon us mere mortals of late, one been Xtranormal, which has a ‘text to Movie’ tag as it’s ease of use.

Due to this ‘ease of use’, a few of the familiar tools one would expect to have in a movie making package are ‘in the hands of the app’. Still, it’ loads a fun and a cool way to enjoy the basics of film making – if you have a script or an itch, give it a go.

Mass Force Mike has been hard at it in his studio creating a collection of new tracks for the up and coming summer project, here’s a selection to give you a taster of things to come, rock on M.F.

Meanwhile, at The Spotlight Studio.
It has been a great experience of late been able to work with our first ‘mature student’ group, whom have had a 4 week taster, work based placement with us.
All at some stage of the course helped create a media production of some kind and the following is a short tutorial piece by Craig & Chris – entitled Chris’s Techie Tips, great job guys, well done .
Thanks for your time, please call back again soon, bye for now, DT

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