Mellor TV blog – latest news

 Hello, good evening and welcome, thanks for tuning in.
With the summer hols now long gone and the kids back at school, you start to think of the extra cost heating bills will be in the office this winter… so quickly decide to write a long await blog post.
Tonight’s features will hopefully tickle some of ‘your fancies’ but if we don’t manage to make you smile, cry, laugh or break wind…. then change your diet, it’s nothing personal.
To start, let’s share a trio of latest releases from
Mass Force Records
Party on Mike….in der house….
Meanwhile….. the release of our entry into the Reallusion 2011 CTA Animation Salad comp….. could cause a stir…..
Please enjoy The Loopy Fruits Of Pipanpeel Valley, Guisborough, UK.
With the imminent release of iClone 5….it’s going to be hard knowing which softwares to utilise in the less time these days we seem to have, oh the joys, until next time, back to work….

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