Submit iClone 5.1 Mocap Test Video and Win

Via Scoop.it3D or not 3D? An iClonian venture

Submit iClone 5.1 Mocap Test Video and Win Reallusion is eager to collect your real user experience using the Microsoft Kinect SDK Beta for motion capture. From now until January 31th, if you submit your Kinect test video with your comments, you will get the chance to win the upcoming iClone 5.1 content pack “Physics Gears”. Physics Gears is a quintessential set of tools for physics animation in iClone 5, and is one of the most exciting content pack in Q1. Check out the demo video to see the neat features we’ve embedded in this pack. Once your submitted video is selected for display on the Reallusion website, you will be awarded a free copy of the Physics Gears content pack. Please post your video with feedback under this form thread. The videos which demonstrates the new enhancements like head/wrist movement, half body capture and stable floor alignment will be preferred.


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