iClone5 以3D積木組成整個機械人 陸sir3DCG工房示範 10mins

See on Scoop.it3D or not 3D? An iClonian venture

陸sir3DCG工房 上期陸sir示範了場景的製作,有了場景,就要有主角! 這一次陸sir用iClone自帶的最本元件,組合出多件不同的肢體, 單獨的肢體可串連成為一個機械人 陸sir有了外殼,在下次的示範中會再為它「穿骨蒙皮」, 利用3DXchange5 Pro軟件,把它變成「可動人形」置入可動骨架, 如此就可…

google translate:


Of Lu sir the land sir3DCG studio demonstration of the production of the scene, had a scene, there should be the protagonist this time Lu sir iClone comes most components, the combination of the different body, a separate body can be chained intoland a robot sir have a shell, in the next demonstration will it wear a bone skin, use 3DXchange5 Pro software, turn it into a “moving form” placement can move the skeleton, so you can … ” 

See on www.youtube.com


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