Dancing with the Avatars

See on Scoop.it3D or not 3D? An iClonian venture

Since the release of iClone5 a year ago, we have already seen thousands of creative and inspiring showcases from around the world. This is attributed to the powerful character creation and motion editing systems that push real-time animation to the limit. Now Reallusion introduces the 1st animated dancing competition for iClone5 – ”Dancing with the Avatars’‘.
Just in time for this competition users can also experience the coolest iClone new gen avatars and motions. This new breed of pop-culture characters and professional street dance content packs, allow you to create eye-catching dance and music videos. There are also tons of characters and dance motions in the Reallusion Content Store and Marketplace for you to create your dance animations.
For this competition we wish to invite all level of animators, from beginners to Pros, to participate as they no longer have to go through the process of creating an intricate story plot. Participants simply need to make their avatars dance to the music and they are ready to compete. Users can create their own content, use the iClone pipeline to import characters and motions from external tools, or choose to acquire content from the Reallusion Content StoreMarketplace. Then they pick their favorite music track, and they are ready to deliver their craziest dance ideas!
The competition begins on October 22nd and concludes on December 16th, 2012

See on www.reallusion.com


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