Catch Up & Excuses – Mellor TV blog

Hello and welcome all,
I hope you had a pleasant journey getting here and are ready for some entertainment of a kind.
Since last these digits of mine hammered down on my almost defuncted keyboard, plenty has been ahappnin’ in the iClonian realms.
RL are currentley running their ‘Dance With The Avatars’ competition, to which we couldn’t resist the temptation of completing another video for the Mass Force Unity collaboration.
Please enjoy our entry, Party People – featuring the G5 Next Gen avatars busting Street Dance moves…
Also watch out for the new Monster Animation kit from reallusion, great tool to fuel the ‘fantasy realms’ of machinima.
Along with the additional Physics tool, Reallusion are turning iClone into somewhat of a beast, handle it well and tame the monster within…..if you dare… or at least try your best….
I may have mentioned that I have a new job, just a temporay one in an education referral unit – I’m a T.A. though I do feel like a ‘mature??? student’ most days…
Here’s a video that was made to promote the ‘theme of the week’ project that we do…
Well gonna be real lazy an’ sign off, I’ve done the promo stuff, thanks again for your time & support, MMM

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