New Blog With A Twist

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello cyberspace citizens and welcome to the MellorMedia Blog.

To the sound of fireworks I type this to you, not that I’m trying to create a fanfare for the new blog but due to the fact that the locals are testing a few gunpowder tubes…well a lot actually.

Thankfully, I can also smell the chicken tikka aroma wafting from my kitchen, a reminder to check the stove from time to time.

With the kids entertained watching the new ‘Atlantis’ series on offer from BBC1 and the wife engaged with her kindle, I find a moment in time to engage a few of you further into the depths of these shared words.

It’s been some weeks now since I attended the Going For Growth course, led by Enterprise Revolutions, at the Riverside stadium.

Some of the advice on the course came from Helen Turley, director of Viable SEO.

She mentioned amongst other things about how using the WordPress app could increase ‘traffic’ to your site… well here it is, a wordpress powered blog.

“But what twist is there to this new blog?” you may ask….

Well, hopefully after utilising the ‘Blogger‘ and ‘WordPress‘ importer plugins, the site here will feature the MellorBlog posts back dated to 2007….  nice reference points to the beginnings of the MellorMedia Network.

Checkout the ‘Archives’ and ‘Categories’ sections at the top of the right hand panel for further investigation…

After updating the Mellor TV site and creating a Google+ page it would be nice to have some time to focus on a few of the projects in development… but I’m torn between working on one of the 2d projects like ‘Loopy  Fruits 2 – Juiced Fruits’ or the new ‘Animated Adventures of Charlie & Hattie’ [which reminds me I need to get the kids to record their lines and find a narrator …Raven2Angel perhaps…]

Or perhaps return to iClone as The Fellowship, G3 Avatar Auditions, Jimmy Toon & Co projects all have new episodes in the pipeline…not to mention the ‘Misadventures of Pinhead & Mellor’… decisions, decisions, green frogs…

As some of you may know from reading it over on our Facebook Page , Twitter Tweets or maybe from a post below, The Mass Force Unity visual collection was compiled earlier in the month and a ‘limited edition’ promotional DVD is available, fancy one?

Thanks for your time and until we engage again…. make it so…. here at the MellorMedia Blog.

Regards, 370975_1482195204_569179021_nMMM.

// //


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