Early October Blog 2013

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Greetings Cyber traveller and welcome to the MellorMedia Blog.

So???? What brings you here?

Not that I’m trying to pry but rather gather some info for research purposes into SEO results.

In this week’s feature:


Even after years spent utilising iClone and other machinima tools to create engaging media for you guys to chuckle at, I still find myself getting back to basics and learning or relearning a work around or fix for those itty bitty project snags  that crop up.

One of the ‘biggies’ that seems to be a constant for newbies with iClone is the character foot slide scenario.

Aside from the Reallusion documentation and features to address this, one fine and outstanding tutorial was put together by Stuckon3D which really nails it:


More great tutorials by Stuckon3D can be found here: LINK

Another great tutorial that stimulated the creative imagination was put together by Mark Pleasant of Small Wonder Studios, showing a really neat way of utilising alpha channels and png cut outs in iClone for promoting any particular need:


Further tutorials by Small Wonder Studios can be found here: LINK

Other updates from the realms of iClonia include mentioning that UK based Capemedia Productions have shared the great news about their feature The Forgotten [episode 1] which has been selected to be screened at the 2013 Machinima Expo.

Best wishes and good luck from us mad folk at MellorMedia :)!

With Halloween just around the corner; this final feature of this weeks post from Warlord seems quite fitting for your viewing engagement:

With weekly updates to our Facebook, Twitter and ScoopIt feeds, stay tuned and engage again at your leisure.

If you’d care to enjoy further video features, why not visit our Mellor TV channel, hosting tutorials, music videos, sci-fi and more…

Thanks for your time, signing off, MMM



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