Mellormedia Blog – iClone Tutorials and eBay

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hi and wow, back again, so soon, thanks..

Hello and welcome to the MellorMedia blog on a cold and wet October Monday.

To start, a warm up:

It’s great news to share that the required ‘narrator’ for the up and coming ‘Animated Adventures’ feature has accepted the role, tick that off the ‘to-do list’. Big thanks to Boomer for negotiating that deal….

With plans to update a few of the projects in development, catch up and tutorial based learning of iClone 5 seemed to dominate the last week…

So, how to compliment the G5 wardrobe? What can be done with the latest incarnation CloneCloth??

These questions and more were answered by ‘iClone Alley’ in a tutorial video she put together for Reallusion:

More Reallusion tutorials for iClone can be found here: LINK

Have you ever tried to ‘Bake‘ a ‘Reach‘ key into your animation? Does it sound painful?

Worry not, with iClone you can bake that reach key…. and more

The following tutorial from Reallusion shows how the end user can most benefit from these additional features:

More iClone tutorials here: LINK

Well… it seems there are a few items on E-Bay ‘ending soon’ that need my attention. What are your thought on E-Bay? Been let down? Always delighted?

Aside from myself, there a few odd folk about these days on internet auction sites, not that I’m for sale… well.. not yet anyway.

I’m more of an Amazon man myself…..

Enough of the keyboard type babble, signing off until after the actions…



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