Windows 8.1 upgrade plus St. Paul & The Broken Bones

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Greetings cyber traveller and welcome to The MellorMedia Blog.

Aside from a lack of creative development and the wet and windy weather since the last post, today, the sun shines on Guisborough, hurrah..

With the recent Windows 8.1 upgrade happening, a lot of time has been spent trying to find the correct display and sensor drivers to get the best out of my Acer 1825 PTZ. Whilst running Windows 8, the machine would gladly rotate screen and handle itself with the older Windows 7 drivers [Intel VGA Chip UMA & STMicroelectronics ST Screen Detection]. But now, alas, until Microsoft, Intel , Acer or ST Micro Electronics can provide a fix, my 1825PTZ will have to run Windows 8.1 from my filing cupboard draw. Can any of you guys help?

 So, have you ever seen a music video with ‘Alan Carr’ sounding like a Rod Stewart / Terence Trent D’Arby hybrid ?

That thought crossed my mind whilst enjoying the Call Me video by St Paul & The Broken Bones. Let my madness cause no offence, lead vocal dude….

Great sound and a great track, well liked…..

Back in R&D:

The Animated Adventures Of Charlie & Hattie development is slowly taking place, with the notion of the feature now been a ‘2D & 3D’ mash-up. Just need to find a tow rope with flex…


We’ll hopefully get a teaser released before the Christmas hols….

Talking of that seasonal time of year, here’s one from the archives. Created using iClone 1 whilst importing 3DEffect Studio props… back in the day…

Well, it’s time to get the chores done around the house as a modern ‘house husband’, blah, blah

Signing off until next time, MMM



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