New for 2014

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Greetings cyber folks and welcome to the first post of 2014 at The MellorMedia Blog.

Featuring CTA2, updates to MellorTV and The MellorMedia website plus something else… maybe.. when I remember.

So what’s new for you? New for MellorMedia in 2014 is CrazyTalk Animator 2

The latest release of the Reallusion 2D Animation package will have us occupied here for the short term future, learning the new features and also transferring over CTA1 projects for reworks.

So to help us in our learning, a playlist featuring Tutorials from Reallusion has been put together over at MellorTV

Meanwhile… over at the MellorMedia website we’ve added a ‘social’ page where a live Facebook feed and other such social network apps can be viewed and interacted with, go on, knock yourself out and pay a quick visit and check us out on Google+, Twitter or even one of our ScoopIt pages 🙂

So to end with on this post, let us look forward. What are we hoping for this year? World Peace? Slimmer waistline? A new desktop computer that doesn’t crash halfway through a render? The return of an old friend?

Make it so and create that future starting today, signing off, MMM



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