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2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Howdy visitors and welcome to The MellorMedia Blog.

This weeks post will feature articles on Reallusion Software, the Hitfilm freebie and Virgin Soldiers ‘Lovestrock’.


It suddenly dawned on me that in less than a week I’ll turn 43… still rather young in the mental aspect of life however..

One ‘constant’ over the past 10 years at least has been the attachment with Reallusion software. Back then it was Effect3D Studio, It’s Me & CrazyTalk 1…

And now, this years evolvement of iClone [from It’s Me] to version 6, which is to feature a Brand-new Dockable QT User Interface, Big Quality Upgrade from Software Rendering, Natural Soft Cloth and more, I really can’t wait to get my hands on that bundle of treats.

The new instalment of CrazyTalk Animator [version 2] looks to be a universe away from it’s predecessor [CrazyTalk V1.0] that we started with back in the Spotlight Studio.

Can we even begin to compare Effect3D Studio to what has been achieved with the iClone 3DXchange pipeline bundle…. I dare not. 🙂

If, like me, you your good self would like to have an input as to the development route that Reallusion are taking, they’d love to hear your views and recommendations via this brief survey form, available here.

Further information about software development at Reallusion can be found here:

10 years ago I wasn’t a parent… just a newly wed.

Now my 7 year old daughter is the boss of the house and ‘the sidekick’ [her brother narrowly edged it before the cat], my 9 year old son has decided to ‘move on’ from violin to ‘explore other avenues of music’.. in between wearing the PS3 to breaking point along with other “you wouldn’t understand things“… I think there’s going to be some changes as to who holds on to the TV remotes too. All in good fun, really….

Musically, I hope my kids follow the route of ‘Virgin Soldiers’, with their ‘Strock’ sound, gotta love it. Their website features news on the release of the #Lovestrock EP

My favourite tune for the time been is ‘Safer Ground’ – because it brings back memories of my days at The Spotlight MiniFarm. 🙂


Good luck guys n gals, great sound.

Have any of you cyber surfers toyed with the ‘Hitfilm’ editing software?

For a limited time only, the producers of the visual effects / compositing / video editing program are giving it away for free. That’s right, Hitfilm Express for FREE


Grab a bargain whilst you can!!!! Offer ends 4th February 2014.

Well, got to catch up on some housework, until next time, signing off for now.



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