New for spring 2014

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello cyber traveller and welcome to The Mellormedia blog.

Whilst  taking a short sabbatical through February and the opening weeks of March, mAD  mELLOR mAN  has arisen from slumber and once more is to resume his place in the Mellormedia R&D zone.

A new project to focus on this spring will be to create a short piece for the Reallusion ” Animation @ Work’ event.


With various ideas in mind bashing the innards of my cranium, I’ll hope to get a piece polished off for the beginning of May.

One of our earlier features created with  CTA is the clip below, made for educational purposes at a PRU that I previously worked for. Enjoy ‘Theme Of The Week – Space’.

Also new for spring 2014 is the eagerly awaited release of the ‘Love Strock’ EP from Virgin Soldiers,  available now via a certain, well branded digital download outlet.


Good luck with the release guys an’ gals, keep Strockin’…..

After a few minor glitches over at Mellor TV, it is good to report that the site is up and running again, jam packed with tutorial playlists, iClone animations, archived Spotlight Studio footage, music videos and more.  What do you think? Helpful or fun?

Stay tuned and sign up for more development news and madness, cheers until next time, MMM



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