Well it’s May and it’s wet

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello all and welcome to The Mellormedia Blog.

Well it’s May and it’s wet… here in the UK anyway. People often think us Brits talk a lot about the weather so taking a break from the norm … I’ll leave it there.

So what’s been happening since the last post?

The football season is all but over. My beloved Boro [MFC] finished mid-table in the Championship. They also recently advertised some vacancies in their media department which is an opportunity not to be missed so I’ll apply for a post there after completing this post here…

Our kitchen has been decorated [mainly by the wife 🙂 …. with my supervision …. though she didn’t see it that way]. Looking good girl.

Also, the Reallusion ‘Animation At Work’ event has drawn to a close and thankfully we managed to complete our entry in time, hurrah.

As an educational piece to help early learners utilise ICLT for their story telling needs, it features my 2 young children [Charlie 9 & Hattie 7] in their first roles as voice actors, which they both took to like ducks to water. Hope you enjoy it.

Hattie is now expanding her skills by creating ‘Stickman’ animations as part of her school work with Pivot Animator so it wont be long before she is mastering CTA and iClone 😉 Watch this space…


Virgin Soldiers have recently released a video for their latest project ‘The Dreamers’. In the year that commemorates 100 years since the beginning of the First World War, Runner Bean Ltd. and the Assembly Hall Theatre, in association with Stars Foundation for Cerebral Palsy bring The Dreamers to Tunbridge Wells. A brand new production in the style of War Of The Worlds it will be performed live by Virgin Soldiers and an ensemble of 25 young men and women.

The Dreamers Anthem Single is out on 19th May. All profits received by Virgin Soldiers will be split between Stars Foundation for Cerebral Palsy & military charity Never Such Innocence (http://www.neversuchinnocence.com/)

Good luck with the show!

Well that’s about all I have time to post today, got to go and cook the dinner for me and the wife.

Until next time, be seeing ya, MMM




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